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Just to put in my $1 Dollar here. I have been working with Maksa for the last year or so. and he is by far the most creative and accomplished person I worked with. you cant beat his reliability.. If you are working with any of these niches or are planning to do you owe it to yourself . these templates that are easily worth hundreds of dollars much more and take your IM marketing up the roof with the professionalism.

You will not be disappointed with Guy work... You will love them so much, because certainly I DO! The bonuses by them self alone are smoking HOT and worth more.. Start seeing results from these immediately.

Ash Ham

I know only to well how effective a well designed header can be, and what a big difference it can make to a website or sales page, but the big problem that I have always experienced in the past is that you get what you pay for.

If you want a well designed header, and who doesn't, you have to pay an absolute fortune for it so imagine my delight when I came across

Headers that are so stunning that they literally take your breath away, and at a price which is about as competitive as it is possible to get.

If you are looking for a set of headers that will blow the competition away, look no further than

Samantha Milner

As an avid blogger and life streamer, I was thrilled when I came across this product. The cost may seem a little pricey to begin with, but if you're using your page to promote a product, or to get a message out there, look no further.

Professional headers, and all of the extras that come with the package deal will boost your views and thus sales instantly!

This is the best thing I could have done for my internet career.

Courtney Whitten

No Other Graphic Package In The Market Today Can Even Come Close To Us In Quality - And In Price!

PLUS, Read On Below And Find Out How You Can Get More Than $1,000 Worth Of Bonuses That'll Instantly Turn Your Websites Into Total Traffic Magnets!

As a graphic artist, Maksa creates beautiful and elegant artwork. The designs are sophisticated and trendy, yet timeless.

It has been an absolute pleasure to create a new look for my website. In the past, I've found the process of working with a designer to be somewhat frustrating. Whereas in contrast, my experience with has been fun, inspiring and thoroughly satisfying.

Maksa was very patient, intuitive and wonderfully creative with the designs. Checking in, every step of the way to be sure my vision was reflected accurately.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Ray Cowie

Smoking Headers Made My sites Convert Higher overnight!

"Smoking Headers was recommended to me by my old roommate, who makes bank online. I order the program, upgraded all of the headers on my site.After few days I checked my Click Bank account and I had close to $465!!

The headers and graphic bonus increased my conversions like madd. This is not a purchase, this is an investment. This package alone made me enough money to take a trip with my girl!
Thanks Guys!"

Bill Tauber & Lupita Hernandez
Miami, Fl
Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

My name is Maksa. I'm a web graphics designer with over 9 years of experience tucked under my belt.

For the past 7 years now, I have been working with a diverse clientele consisting of internet marketers of both national and international acclaim.

I have designed over 3,000 minisites complete with all the accentuating graphic images for over 500 clients to date in over 40 countries worldwide.

When it comes to designing web graphics and images that hook the eyes, grab attention and hold interest, I am the man behind the scenes all the big dogs turn to for help.

Just take a quick look at these:

Superb- Maksa, you've done it again! I just can't say enough about the beautiful quality of your graphic design. My website has been transformed into an attractive and appealing work of art. Working with you is an absolute pleasure! -You listen to my thoughts and suggestions, then deliver creations that far surpass my highest expectations. When clients ask about the radiant quality of my website graphics, I Proudly refer them to CheapMinisite.

When you want the very best, call Maksa!

Dean Hart
Since you're here, I assume you may be quite familiar with one, two or even all of the following:

You worked your butt off and spent good money to generate traffic for your site but your end up with a huge bounce rate because your graphics are painful to look at

You spent so much time learning proper marketing techniques and acquiring all the ninja-strategies designed to hook and reel customers in but you just can't get them to stick around your site long enough for you to get to your pitch because your graphics suck

You have an awesome product or an equally outstanding affiliate offer and you've figured out the perfect way to present it to your customers but they just get turned off by your drab looking website

You've worked so hard on your marketing and even spent a king's ransom on SEO and PPC only to have people continually visit your site and leave prematurely because it doesn't look and feel professional enough

You tried to get professionally made graphics but burned a hole in your pocket in the process - and the designer didn't even get the image right

You got persuaded to buying a graphics pack that was hyped to the max and gave you such good vibes but ended up with butt-ugly graphic images porn site owners wouldn't even touch with a 10-foot pole

You've got almost every aspect of your internet marketing game ready and you're pumped to churn in the big bucks but you feel (and probably know) your site just don't "look good enough" and that's keeping you tethered

Regardless of what the so-called gurus and experts tell you...

Customers Are Humans - And Humans Get Attracted To Cool Awesomeness

Yes, your headline can be compelling, your copy flows smoothly like a greased slide and your offer may be as irresistible as an ice-cold beer under a hot summer sun, but let's face it...

...If it's written on a plain white screen "decorated" with images and pictures that look like they've been taken with a 1st generation VGA camera phone...

...Or graphics that look like they're created by a toddler using over sized crayons scratched on plaster walls...

...With colors that look like a drug-induced hallucination gone bad...

You're practically flushing money down the toilet and ruining your own online reputation.

If You Know Your Content Is Golden, Make Sure You Don't Wrap It With Newspaper, Put It On Display And Expect People To Like It

Even if you take a look at the rather "spartanly" looking websites and webpages right now with just headlines in handwritten fonts and scrawled arrows (which is, by the way, becoming quite popular nowadays), you'd notice that a lot of thought still went into what colors they needed to use with the fonts or the arrows, what sizes they should be, how they're placed in the page and all that good stuff.

Overall, even these overly simplified pages still have "graphics artistry" (hmmmm, I like that phrase ) written all over them

But I'm straying from the point, which is...

To Make Your Page Stand Out From All The Rest, You Need to Make It Look Professional And Downright Cool

Which brings me to a split test I did recently with a minisite project I got commissioned to develop for this rather notorious info marketer known for his ultra-ninja marketing strategies that pull 6-figure launches.

I initially designed 2 pages for him with practically the same content and we ran both pages simultaneously

The result was definitive.

One of the pages out-converted the other by a staggering 50%!

We didn't even proceed to a full-blown analysis of the data gathered during the split-test as there was only one difference between the two pages.

The Page That Converted 50% Better Had A Header image

And it was a simple one too!

It didn't have flashy lights or animation (which, I'm sure you know, will most definitely kill your sales than help it).

It basically just had a stylized lettering of the product's name along with a custom box image (the product was a list-building software) set in a gradient textured banner field.

It was screaming "Professional" all the way through.

So to cut the story short, we scrapped the page without the header, went on with the promotion using the better converting one and ended up with another 6-figure payday.

Needless to say, I have kept that formula ever since, and whenever I get commissioned to do certain projects by my clients, I always make sure to create a professional-looking header for their pages...

And the profits just keep rolling in!

"Okay Maksa, I Get It. You're Good And You Know What You're Doing. But What Has That Got To Do With Me?"

I thought you'd never ask!

I have compiled my best header images covering most, if not all, of the most popular internet marketing niches...

...Transformed them into easily customizable files in that as long as you know how to type with a computer, you'll be able to customize the header texts...

...Packaged them together in one irresistible offer...

...And now it can be yours!

Attention - Grabbing Customizable Professional Headers That Put Your Page A Cut Above The Rest Without Burning Your Wallet!

121 Professionally Made Header Images - unlike most other products of this class that use generic images that are just plain painful to look at, each of these 121 headers are of the highest professional quality

Highly Customizable - whether you're a non-techie user or an Adobe Photoshop expert, you'll be able to customize these graphics to fit your requirements and your specific products!

Comes In Both JPEG And PSD Formats - you can use the built-in editor for the JPEG images to input your desired header text (ie: product name) or if you're more of the tech-savvy type, use the PSD files and edit it using Photoshop or GIMP

Default Designs Cover Most, If Not All, Of The Most Popular Internet Marketing Niches - whether you're selling health and fitness, pet care, information, training and education, software, cosmetics, fashion accessories, marketing or any of the most popular products in the internet marketing universe, you'll be able to find a header image that suits your needs!

Compatible With WordPress - these headers are specifically designed to work with WordPress but you can also use them with any other blogging service

Includes Custom WordPress Templates - if you're using WordPress, you'll be able to use the custom templates that come with the headers so all you need to do is choose the header and the template, customize the text, put in your content and your page is done

Includes The User Manual For Editing The PSD Files - even if you don't have any experience using Photoshop but want to use it anyway, you'll be able to use the included manual to edit the files according to your specifications!

I, along with my 9 years total experience in creating eye-catching and attention-grabbing graphic designs, personally supervised the creation of each of these 121 customizable header images.

I also have a team of highly-trained, highly-skilled and highly-experienced graphic artists who helped me put this together.

It's like hiring me and my expert team to personally create these 121 headers for you specifically for you!

Get 121 Smoking Headers Right Now
For Just $47.00 Only!
That's Just less than $1 Per Professionally Made Header! really has given their customers something of value. I was skeptical at first until I gave them a try. Truly amazing graphics that will give anyone's website that customized look. I haven't found anything like this on the internet, the headers are easy to edit and over 100 of them to choose from within my own arsenal. This is perfect for the website owner who wants to grab the attention of their audience at first glance.

These headers are definitely made by a graphic designer who knows what they're doing. I was pleased with not only the headers, but what did I have to lose with a 30 day money back guarantee?

Colin Fletcher
Most Designers Will Charge $25 - $30 For ONE Custom Header Image

And even so, it will take several redos before most artists get what you want.

By the time your custom header is done to your liking, you would have lost precious time you could have spent in actual marketing, promotion and sales.

So you're not just losing time when you go down that rabbit hole...

...You're losing money as well!

On the other hand, I have been doing this for 9 years now and have been actively designing headers, banners and other custom graphic images for various niches and products for the last 7 years!

I know what works. I know what hooks the customer's eyes. I know what grabs the customer's attention. I know what a professional header should look like. And most importantly...

...I know how to create them.

Get 121 Smoking Headers Right Now
For Just $47.00 Only!
That's Just less than $1 Per Professionally Made Header!

Smoking Headers helped me save time and money with my online business. We've been running sales on a monthly basis and it's hard to find time to come up with creative graphics that promote our products. Smoking Headers has hundreds of pre-made headers that can easily be edited to suit your needs. Now when we run a sale, I just browse through the huge selection of headers and graphics, change out the hooks and post them up on our website.

Just by doing that, we've increased the amount of promotional codes used on our site and revenue as well. I highly recommend Smoking Headers if you're in the online business!

Derek Bess
"I've Been Fooled Before, Maksa. What If This Turns Out To Be The Same Crappy Graphics Like The Rest Of The Similar Products Out There?"

I totally understand your hesitation. In fact, I applaud you for it.

It just goes to show you are a smart person who knows what you want and won't settle for anything less.

So let me tell you this...

In my business, I always go by 2 main principles: Quality and user-friendliness.

It doesn't matter whether I am the one selling the product or the one buying the product. I always go after quality and user-friendliness.

I have purchased many products before and have had my share of bad experiences too. So I know what it feels like to be sold on something that's not even half as good as it was described.

And that's the reason why I have personally made it a point that when it came for my chance to sell a product to my customers, I will not insult them by taking their money and giving them garbage in return.

In fact, take a look at what some of my hundreds of satisfied customers have to say about my product:

"Great looking headers and very affordable. These will save anyone who builds mini sites a lot of time. Usually I would have to pay $30 to $50 for a single header but with this pack, I get 121 for less than $1 each. Awesome value."

Stuart Stirling
"But This Is Quite Expensive, Maksa. I've Seen Similar Products That Sold For Half The Price."

Again, it all boils down to quality.

Believe me, I have scouted my competition and modesty aside, none of them even come close to the level of professionalism and quality that go into each one of my header images.

Of course, ultimately, you would have to be the sole decision maker inasmuch as the products you purchase are concerned.

However, I would just want you to think about this...

Would you rather spend less for a low-quality product, end up not using it anyway and find yourself looking for something else afterwards...

...Or would you rather spend a higher price for a high-quality product that will help you make more money in the long run?

Come to think of it, just do a little Math and you'll see that with Smoking Headers, you're actually just spending $1 for each professionally made, high-quality header image that may very well mean significantly more sales for you.

So I wouldn't exactly call Smoking Headers expensive.

Get 121 Smoking Headers Right Now
For Just $47.00 Only!
That's Just less than $1 Per Professionally Made Header!
"Well Maksa, You See..."

I know you're worried. You just want to get the most out of your hard-earned money.

But let me make this a lot easier and risk-free for you.

Act right now.

Get Smoking Headers and you're automatically covered by my iron-clad, love-it-or-leave-it, totally-hassle-free and absolutely-risk-free...

30-Day 'Unconditional' 100% Money - Back Guarantee!

I invite you to try out Smoking Headers right now and use it for a full 30 days.

Within this period, if, for any reason, you find that Smoking Headers does not live up to your expectations or you're not satisfied with it, simply give me a call at +91 90998 22999 or shoot me an email at and I'll gladly and promptly issue a 100% refund of your money

No questions asked.

I'm sure you see I'm taking all the risk here but that's okay

I'm confident that as soon as you start using Smoking Headers, you'll be so happy with it, returning it will be the last thing on your mind!

Get 121 Smoking Headers Right Now
For Just $47.00 Only!
That's Just less than $1 Per Professionally Made Header!

What do you say we sweeten the pot some more?

As if, this offer ain't good enough yet. I'm going to make it even more value-packed for you it will be an absolute no-brainer.

Make sure to place your order for Smoking Headers today and you'll be eligible to receive these awesome bonuses at no extra charge!

Bonus #1
Custom OTO (One-Time-Offer) Templates
(a $47 Value)
"Boost your sales further by using these tested and proven one-time-offer templates!"

Bonus #2
Minisite Templates
(a $97 Value)
"You can use this minisite template that works really really well with Smoking Header alongside your WordPress site to generate more traffic and to get even more sales!"

Bonus #3
121 Ready-To-Use WordPress Templates
(a $497 Value)
"Each template comes with its own custom header and background image so all you need to do is choose the template, put in your content and you got a tested sales page right away!"

Bonus #4
40 Custom 'Buy Now' Buttons
(a $97 Value)
"Use these custom call to action buttons that have been tried and tested multiple times before to entice your customers to take action and hand you their money right now!"

Bonus #5
125 Custom Testimonial Box Templates
(a $497 Value)
"Highlight your social proof or testimonials and make them truly stand out of your page to encourage your customers to take action now!"

Bonus #6
51 Custom Headline Text Styles/Fonts
(a $97 Value)
"Make your headlines jump out of your page and grab your customers by the short hairs with these custom fonts and text styles!"

That's A Total Of $1,332 In Real-World Value Yours Free When You Get
121 Smoking Headers Today
For Just $47.00 Only!
That's Just less than $1 Per Professionally Made Header!
Click on the Order Now button to place the order.
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So what else are you waiting for?

Start getting that professional look for your website right now and start seeing great improvement with your conversions.

Get Smoking Headers right now and join my elite circle of happy, satisfied and wildly-profiting customers!

To bigger profits,


P.S. Remember, you're covered by a "no-questions-asked" 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. It's totally risk-free for you so you better take action now.

P.P.S. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for you:

How long will my order typically take?
Less than 10 minutes!
What format are the graphics in?
JPEG and PSD Files will be provided
How can I view your past work?
Click here for our portfolio
How can I be sure about the quality of your work & service?
We deliver what we promise. In fact, you can check here to get a load of the strong positive reviews by our clients after working with us.
Can you work on any custom graphic requirements?
For custom graphics you will need to email us with what you require. Upon receiving your email we will get back to you with details if we can handle the project, how long will it take to complete and the price quotation.
Is your product compatible with Mac ?
Yes our product is compatible with Mac and PC.
Do you provide any tutorials to edit the files ?
Yes we do provide the tutorials to edit our Headers. Tutorial contains step by step pictures to edit the header files in Photoshop/Paint/GIMP. We also cover Tutorials for Text Styles & WP Themes. Click here to see the sample tutorial.
Do you provide free trial for your product ?
We give 30-day 100% money-back guarantee which is kind of a free trial only. If you are not satisfied with our product we give back you money without any questions asked.
How many times I can use the Header file ?
Use can use the same header files as many as times you want in your various websites or blog.
Do I own a reseller right for your product ?
This product is for personal use only you can not sell or share the product to others. However you can earn the commission by becoming our affiliate partner.

P.P.S.Here are more raves from my happy and satisfied customers:

Hey Maksa,
I can't believe the quality of the header graphics you're offering. Especially at this price. Anyone who wants to create a stunning high quality sales page or squeeze page needs to grab these. Don't tell my graphic designer, but I'll be using your headers for many of my future projects!!

Kurt Tasche
Get 121 Smoking Headers Right Now
For Just $47.00 Only!
That's Just less than $1 Per Professionally Made Header!
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